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A subreddit all about USA Network's hit show *Suits*, which centers around lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate Mike Ross (who doesn't have a law degree, but does have a photographic memory), and the law firm where they work.

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Alguém aí tira uma grana com IQ Options? É possível? Pic aleatória

Alguém aí tira uma grana com IQ Options? É possível? Pic aleatória submitted by Ayaland to farialimabets [link] [comments]

Another new Garmin Connect IQ watchface "Suunto like plus" with many options and good readability

Another new Garmin Connect IQ watchface submitted by Peter_Niko to GarminFenix [link] [comments]

No submundo dos investimentos, falsos traders usam Instagram e Youtube para captar clientes para a IQ Option

No submundo dos investimentos, falsos traders usam Instagram e Youtube para captar clientes para a IQ Option submitted by Sedzz to investimentos [link] [comments]

Weekend Unusual Option Flow Summary – GPS (Gap), ESTC, AMBA, IQ, SHAK, DIS

Weekend Unusual Option Flow Summary – GPS (Gap), ESTC, AMBA, IQ, SHAK, DIS
What’s up fellow options gamblers, this is Swaggy with the weekend Unusual Options Activity post. Caught a few names this week getting some option flow attention, lets get started.
I get a lot of DMs asking about the activity, so if you want to read a bit about option flow, I made this Reddit post describing how it works.
In addition, if you would like to check out the option flow tool and scan for yourself, here is the option flow tool.
GPS – Gap Inc
Gap has been on a huge run recently, this week saw some pretty bullish activity in CALL flow coming through. Looks like many blocks of calls between 2k-10k contracts with October to December expiration expects the stock to continue on it’s run. Kanye has recently signed a clothing deal with Gap which has brought life back to the stock.
ESTC – Elastic Inc
ESTC saw an increase in option activity this week after reporting earnings. The stock has had a 20% rise in the last 3 weeks. Looks like some of the flow could be some protection buying, locking in profits, as well as some bullish flow with the $125 strike expecting the stock to continue it’s run. The stock is currently trading at $110. The flow was tough to read, but interesting to take note of with an uptick in volume here.
AMBA – Ambarella Inc
Somewhat of a low-key ticker getting some attention recently is AMBA (Ambarella). Pretty one-sided call flow coming through sweeping a range of strikes out the money. Most in a pretty short-term time frame (September 18). Looks like AMBA is set to report earnings this week and these look to be an earnings play.
IQ – iQIYI Inc.
I’ve heard IQ is like the Netflix/Youtube combination in China, not exactly sure. Looks like the September expiration had some solid flow roll through skewed to the bullish side. There was also bullish activity happening two weeks ago, the stock consolidated in a tight range for those 2 weeks and just shot up over 10% this week. Looks like most of this recent bullish flow came through AFTER the stock shot up and they are trying to build a momentum position.
SHAK – Shake Shack Inc.
Some bearish activity in Shake Shack last week. The stock is close to it’s pre-covid high, but still down about 40% from ATH back in the end of 2019. Some bearish activity rolled through this week, with a heavy put-buying in October 16 PUT contracts. 2,700 contracts were opened for a $1.6m position. I don’t typically like to follow bearish activity because stonks usually go up, but thought this was noteworthy. Earnings aren’t until November, so this could be potentially a second wave/shutdown play as we get into the fall months.
DIS – Walt Disney Company
DIS saw some OTM call sweeps being bought up last week. Here’s the intraday sentiment outlook as the daily doesn’t do it justice. Most of these calls were bought OTM with a few being pretty far OTM. In my opinion DIS will struggle with revenues in our post-covid world, but I’ve learned from experience to not FK with the mouse. Most of these plays were 3-9 months out with April 2021 expiration. This is more of a long-term timeframe expecting the stock to break through pre-covid all-time-highs.
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Q: Legality of IQ Option and Olymp Trade in Malaysia

Hi, I'm wondering if these trading apps are legal in Malaysia as in legally certified as a institution by BNM(Bank Negara Malaysia), there was just too much confusion googling it. Appreciate it!
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Can't get a replacement cable for Nest IQ Outdoor Cam - any other options?

So a few weeks ago - in the middle of the night - my IQ Outdoor went offline. Did the usual troubleshooting of resetting everything etc and could not fix. I have 2 other Nest cams which haven't skipped a beat.
Eventually narrowed it down to the cable or camera - Google sent me a new camera (under warranty) but not a new cable. Still doesn't work. When I plug in a normal USB C I get a red light on both the old and new cameras - so they seem to work but I understand it needs a higher quality cable than what you would use on the phone
Hence the problem must be with the cable. Google support say they can't currently send accessories - no reason why - they just say they can't (maybe COVID related?). I've tried complaining but just get the same message.
So now I have a dead camera (and it's for house security)
Are there any 3rd party options? The ones I saw don't look reliable. Or has anyone else managed to persuade them to send a replacement?
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Angolano da Iq option

Primeiro, escolha um ativo. Por exemplo, Euro Dólar. Decida se o preço ficará mais alto ou mais baixo do que está agora, eu acho que ficará mais alto. Ótimo, está subindo. Opa! Consegui, 100 doláres em apenas um minuto.
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Qolsys IQ+ /PowerG outdoor motion options

I have a qolsys iq2 plus with power G based home security system.
Looking at guardline quarter mile driveway sensors and receiver. It looks like the receiver has relay contacts that would allow integration to a qolsys door transmitter.
Does anyone have experience with setting this arrangement up?
If yes, can you set up different relays from a single receiver or do all four of the potential transmitters trigger a single Wireless sensor.
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IQ option

Is iq option good place to test knowledge before starting real trading?
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Experience with brokers IQ Option, Binomo and Olymp Trade.

I'm new to trading, and I've found many YouTubers, Bloggers and Reviewers promoting these apps. They some attractive at first, but I feel it's a scam. How can they claim to earn you 1000s just by trading for a few seconds.

How does it work? What is their trading model? Please share your experience.

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IQ Outdoor cam outdoor power adapter options that aren't $50?

I just purchased 2 Nest outdoor IQ cameras.
I'd prefer not to drill holes through my walls, and i did find some outdoor junction boxes being used for motion sensed lights, so i figured i would hook up some plugs outdoors and simply plug the cameras into locked weatherproof outdoor plugs.
In come the camera's and low and behold - the power brick is absolutely massive. I can fit 1 of them inside the box, however 2 definitely won't fit.
I got a 2 receptical outdoor junction box, and was hoping i'd be able to plug both of them in at opposite corners (ie. plug 1 and 3, or 2 and 4) of the outlets, but the issue is that the bottom plug dips too far below the confines of the outlet box.
I could theoretically cut the outlet box open to make room for the adapter, but then that defeats the purpose of the weather proof box, and exposes the outlet plug so anyone passing by could just give it a tug and unplug the camera!
So i'm trying to weigh my options here. Looks like google sells outdoor adapters, but they're each $50 which is pretty damn pricey, considering i just dropped almost a grand on 2 cameras. Does anyone know if there's any cheaper 3rd party alternatives available? Or is dropping the $100 extra on these outdoor adapters my best bet?
Thanks for the advice everyone
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Players need to have more IQ on option routes.

Players need to have more IQ on option routes. submitted by JoKo1140 to MaddenUltimateTeam [link] [comments]

IQ Edge Practice, Options doesn't show, and some questions

I tried to open up $TSLA on Options window with a demo account, and it doesn't show the numbers between Strike. ITM, OTM, and etc....
I can see numbers in other stock like APPL, and others.
I'm still confused on how the Trade Option work, and I wanted to do a simulation on TSLA.
Anyone have trouble to see $TSLA in option window in IQ Edge?
There is a way to simulate time-frame? Like going to the past and do the simulation and what not?
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No submundo dos investimentos, falsos traders usam Instagram e Youtube para captar clientes para a IQ Option

No submundo dos investimentos, falsos traders usam Instagram e Youtube para captar clientes para a IQ Option submitted by Sedzz to brasilivre [link] [comments]

Unusual Option Activity for Aug-31-2020-ACM,IQ,TSLA(C),NIO(C)

Full post is on the site. I have added too much HTML and JavaScript to make all of this easily copyable any longer.

Momentum Unusual Option Activity-

Ticker:ACM 39.51,0.28(+0.71%) Earnings: 2020-11-17 Name :AECOM Special Considerations : Industry : Industrial Services Sector : Engineering & Construction
Option Information Today's Option Volume: 24258; OptionOI: 11357 Multiple of ADV: 49; ADV: 495 Total Calls: 23809; Total Puts: 449 Calls at Ask: 65.8%; Calls at Bid: 26.9% Puts at Ask: 72.6%; Puts at Bid: 19.2% C/P Ratio: 53
Noteable Strikes SEP 18 '20 40.0C had 4994 VLM and 2268 OI. DEC 18 '20 45.0C had 15867 VLM and 216 OI.
News No news for today
Potential Sympathy Stocks KBR, TTEK, ARCAY, GVA
The Call Ask Percent is high. I wish the Multiple of ADV was a little higher. The Call/Put Ratio appears bullish. The increased call volume is interesting. I cannot find any news, but it seems others have picked up on the call volume. Perhaps it is in anticipation of a large stimulus package on infrastructure.
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What is binary IQ options? And how does it benefit you in the short run and long run?

Binary IQ options is a form of bitcoin investments that enables traders to earn money through investing and trading bitcoins. Well as some of us know, bitcoin is a form of digital currency also known as cryptocurrency. On wall street, one of the main criticisms of bitcoin is that it was invented only a decade ago by a computer programmeprogrammers, with no real fundamental, underlying value. It's just a made up thing as they say, with a volatile price that only derives from what the next buyer is willing to pay but in reality, they're just scared, bitcoin is taking over both as a store of value and also as an exchange medium. So how does binary IQ options work then? Firstly, an investment platform plays a major role in it, they work with standard automated mining systems that you can use to grow even the smallest bitcoins into huge amounts, but lastly none of it is possible without daily trade signals. The daily trade signals are needed to carry out successful trades and they determine the investors profits after trading. The trading last for 5 days.
Binary IQ options has changed a lot of people's lives not only were some free from the clutches and depths of their 9-5 jobs but also were they able to thread a path to financial freedom!! So many people were debt free, others were able to retire early, a few more still focused on their jobs, and work from home. Question is what would you want your story to be?
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How to Use the IQ Option #1 Support and Chat Feature

How to Use the IQ Option #1 Support and Chat Feature submitted by binarycount to u/binarycount [link] [comments]

What about IQ Option?

I've been reading about IQ option (good and bad reviews). The UI seems to be pretty clear and I'd like to give a chance on forex/stocks (no interested on options at all). Any thoughts about this brokerage? Is it safe? Any problem with withdrawals? Any user to share hehis thoughts?
Please, I do not want to discuss about "options": It's actually gambling.
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Nest Cam IQ Indoor can't see Google Assistant option in settings

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Tổng Hợp Về Sàn IQ Option | IQ Broker

Tổng Hợp Về Sàn IQ Option | IQ Broker submitted by hanhan68 to u/hanhan68 [link] [comments]

como fazer scalper na iq option no otc corretamente

como fazer scalper na iq option no otc corretamente submitted by fernandopro to u/fernandopro [link] [comments]


GUIDE TO TRADING USING TREND LINE WITH SUPPORT/RESISTANCE ON IQ OPTION submitted by binarycount to u/binarycount [link] [comments]

ROBO IQ OPTION #IQ Sniper BOT IQ Option --- Part 1  somviral - YouTube Best IQ Option Strategy 2020 - FULL TUTORIAL! - YouTube 10$ to 124$ in 5 minutes - IQ Option Live Trades Starting ... 2 Minute Strategy IQ Options  Does it still work in 2020 ...

IQ Option Platform settings. To personalize the trade room window at IQ Option platform, click on the settings icon in the lower panel of the chart or on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select settings.In general settings you can change: a time zone, select an interface language, select a color scheme, Assets At IQ Option. Currently, traders at IQ Option can trade in 90+ different types of underlying assets. They consist of a selection of currency pairs, market indices, stocks and commodities. Recently, IQ Option has also added a selection of 12 different types of cryptocurrencies for its clients to trade in. IQ Option Review IQ Option is one of the best known binary brokers, and most people have reviewed it as a top-notch solution. It is more of a representation of what binary trading platforms should … On the IQ Option platform, this ranges from 1 minute to 1 month. IQ Option binary trades always have a fixed return which is calculated as a percentage of the trade investment. The return you receive depends on the asset being traded and market volatility. Video Tutorial.

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